Alternative Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis (cont.)

What Red Flags Should I Watch Out For?

Promotion: Be cautious if products or providers are promoted through telemarketers, direct mailings, infomercials, ads disguised as valid news articles, or ads in the back of magazines.

Big claims: If a provider or product claims to be a "cure" for MS or makes other outrageous claims, be cautious.

Source: Be wary if the product is only being offered through one manufacturer.

Ingredients: Make sure all of the active ingredients are listed. Do not trust "secret formulas."

Testimonials: Testimonials are only given by those who are satisfied with the product, so beware, especially if the terms "paid endorsement" are used. Also, be cautious if testimonials are given by people who are only listed by initials, locations, or first names.

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