Alternative Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis (cont.)

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What alternative treatments can be used for MS symptoms?

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Fatigue and spasticity

Fatigue and spasticity seem to respond best to CAM.

Therapies that have been shown to be of some benefit for fatigue have included:

  • exercise, for example, yoga, ,swimming, walking, and other types of regular exercise;
  • magnet therapy; and
  • gingko biloba supplements.

Spasticity has reportedly been reduced with the use of acupuncture and massage therapy. A sense of tingling (paresthesias) have been reportedly improved with reflexology.

Alternative treatments for other MS symptoms

Symptoms including depression, memory loss, urinary incontinence, and progression of MS itself (including relapses, disease extent as measured on MRI), and disability have had limited improvement when treated with CAM.

Therapies tested in an effort to improve these symptoms have included:

  • a low-fat diet,
  • bee venom,
  • hypnosis,
  • multiple different amino acids,
  • alpha lipoic acid, and
  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

None of these treatments led to any significant benefit in the studied symptoms.

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