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Quick GuideCould I Be Allergic? Discover Your Allergy Triggers

Could I Be Allergic? Discover Your Allergy Triggers

What do I do with those ghastly cockroaches?

Elimination of cockroaches is best accomplished by using a professional exterminator. However, this is only the first step. After the cockroaches have been eliminated, the areas they inhabited must be thoroughly cleaned since their residual debris is highly allergenic. Entry points should be sealed to prevent re-infestation. Use covered trash bins and empty then frequently. Do not store cardboard boxes, newspapers, grocery bags, or empty cans and bottles in your home as they can serve as breeding areas.

Effectiveness of Avoidance Measures

Allergen - Dust Mites

  • Most Effective
    • Dust Covers
    • Weekly hot water washing of bedding
    • Carpet Removal
    • Keep rooms cool and dry
  • Possibly Effective
    • Chemical treatment of carpet
  • Least Effective
    • Air duct cleaning
    • Special vacuum cleaners
    • Air filters

Allergen - Cockroaches

  • Most Effective
    • Extermination with regular cleaning
  • Possibly Effective
    • Elimination of food and water sources
  • Least Effective
    • Extermination without regular cleaning

Allergen - Cats

  • Most Effective
    • Complete removal of cat
  • Possibly Effective
    • Move cat outdoors
  • Least Effective
    • Air filters
    • Carpet cleaners
    • Cat washing

Medically reviewed by Michael Manning, MD; American Board of Allergy & Immunology

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