A Pictorial Timeline of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic

AIDS Memorial Quilt displayed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. (1987)
Around 1900, a hunter got the AIDS virus from a Pan troglodytes chimpanzee.
AIDS patient with purple Kaposi's sarcoma marks.
AIDS patient in South African hospital ward.
AIDS baby held by hospital worker in 1983.
Dr. Luc Montagnier holds images of AIDS viruses.
Robert Gallo and Heckler at Press Conference.
Rock Hudson, with Liza Minelli and Elizabeth Taylor, outspoken AIDS advocates.
The Burke family in 1985. The father, mother, and son have HIV.
AIDS victim Ryan White surrounded by reporters.
Princess Diana shakes hands with Aids victim, 1987.
ACT UP activists protest US AIDS policy with Silence=Death motto.
AIDS protesters outside NYC City Hall, 1988.
Roberto Duran visits dying De Jesus 1989.
Elizabeth Taylor speaks at AIDS conference in 1992.
Giant condom on the obelisk in Paris, 1993.
Cast of MTV's The Real World in 1994.
Dr. David Ho, early champion of ‘cocktails,’ was Time's 1996 Man of the Year.
AIDS patient sorts through his daily medications.
A woman receives medicine in a Nigerian AIDS clinic.
Husband and wife adult film actors.
CDC biologist prepares mixture in laboratory.
L.A. man reads an AIDS brochure as he waits for his HIV test results.
HIV discoverers Barre-Sinoussi and Montagnier win Nobel Prize.
A graveyard of countless coffins in South Africa, where 250,000 died of AIDS in a single year.
AIDS activists rally in downtown Manhattan.
Image of the HIV virus.

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A Timeline of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic

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