Tips for Parenting a Child With ADHD in Pictures

A boy in school not paying attention during class.
A boy throws a paper airplane during class.
A boy is sad and depressed.
A mom shows concern for her daughter.
Loving parents cuddle with their son.
A boy performs his morning routine of waking up, making his bed, brushing his teeth, and getting dressed.
A father explains the rules to his son.
A mother calmly tells her son to clean up his toys.
A mother praises her son for getting an A+.
A mother disciplines her daughter.
A naughty child stands in the corner for a time-out.
A mother ignores her nagging son.
A young girl peeks through her color-coordinated shelves.
A boy focuses on his homework.
A mother gives her daughter a thumbs-up for doing a good job.
A father tries to modify his daughter's negative behavior.
A child shows her mother what she can do on the computer.
A family eats a healthy meal.
A family of four goes for a jog.
A boy sleeps in his bed.
A mother kisses her son.
A mother relaxes while lying in the grass.
A listing of ADHD resources.

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ADHD Pictures Slideshow: Tips for Parenting a Child With ADHD

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