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What are signs and symptoms of ADHD in children?

ADHD symptoms include the following:


  • Often makes careless mistakes or fails to pay adequate attention to detail
  • Trouble paying attention during tasks or leisure activities
  • Does not seem to be listening and appears to zone out when spoken to directly
  • Frequently fails to complete instructions or to complete work tasks or chores
  • Often has trouble organizing a task or activity
  • Frequently avoids, dislikes, or resists participating in tasks that require sustained focus
  • Often loses things needed to complete tasks or activities
  • Easily distracted by extraneous input or unrelated thoughts
  • Often forgetful


  • Often engages in fidgeting or tapping hands or feet
  • Frequently has trouble staying seated
  • Often feels restless
  • Has trouble engaging in leisure activities quietly
  • Engages in multiple activities at once
  • Frequently talks excessively
  • Frequently interrupts others talking
  • Trouble waiting his or her turn
  • Often intrudes on others

The fact that children with ADHD may be able to highly focus on activities they enjoy, even to a fault, does not mean that they do not have the disorder. The difference in attention of ADHD children is that they tend to be less able to pay attention consistently, particularly when faced with less pleasurable activities. Their trouble sitting still may involve engaging in behaviors like running or climbing in situations where it is inappropriate. While symptoms like insomnia, tantrums, otherwise quick temper or difficulty managing their anger, as well as low frustration tolerance are not specific to ADHD or required for its diagnosis, many children, teens, and adults with this illness have these symptoms.

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