ADHD in Adults: Signs, Causes, and Management

Photo of a woman holding a pencil.
Photo of a man looking at his watch.
Photo of a woman texting while driving.
Photo of a distracted man at work.
Photo of a man breaking golf club.
Photo of a man playing video games.
Photo of people texting.
Photo of a woman reading a book.
Photo of a brain scan of a child with ADHD.
Photo of a cave painting.
Photo of a woman looking at a high school yearbook.
Photo of a hand on a computer mouse.
Photo of a woman smoking a cigarette with a martini.
Photo of adderall tablets.
Photo of an open drug capsule.
Photo of a man in a therapy session.
Photo of sticky notes on a wall.
Photo of a football coach.
Photo of a man and a woman going over work.
Photo of a man with the remote control in bed.
Photo of a to do list.
Photo of a smartphone and an egg.
Photo of high protein foods.
Photo of a woman with donuts.
Photo of a young couple with their daughter.

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ADHD in Adults: Signs, Cause, and Management

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