Acute and Chronic Bursitis (cont.)

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After you leave the doctor's office, try to change whatever caused the bursitis in the first place. Wear different shoes. Use kneepads when kneeling for activities or work.

Rest the area and apply ice at least twice a day, keeping the area elevated when possible.

Schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor in one week. If your bursitis is infectious, a follow-up visit in three to four days is appropriate for reevaluation and possible fluid removal.

Bursitis Prevention

If a certain activity causes you to develop bursitis, then limit that activity or use protective measures. Use kneepads or cushioning for gardening and scrubbing floors. Workers such as plumbers, roofers, and carpet layers should wear knee protection. Choose more appropriate shoes or cushion the ankles with pads.

You can improve your flexibility and strengthen muscles involved in joint motion through rehabilitative exercise.

Be concerned about muscle tone if you have bursitis that tends to return. A physical rehabilitation program can guide you in the proper exercises to strengthen weak muscles.

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