Abdominal Pain Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

A young women experiences abdominal pain.
A woman with abdominal pain and an illustration of the internal abdominal organs and area that may be affected by the pain.
A doctor examines a woman with abdominal pain.
A doctor discusses a male patient’s abdominal pain.
A woman experiences abdominal pain while eating.
Pictures show the varying locations of abdominal pain.
Pictures show varying patterns of abdominal pain.
A woman with abdominal pain lasting from morning to evening.
A woman sneezes while sitting on her bed.
A woman with abdominal pain sit next to a glass of water and pain medication.
A woman checks her temperature for fever.
A doctor performs a physical examination on a male patient with abdominal pain.
A doctor discusses a female patient’s colonoscopy results.
A list of possible laboratory test conclusions regarding abdominal pain.
Anatomy of the abdomen (kidneys, ureter, and bladder) and KUB X-ray.
A list of radiology tests that may be performed to diagnose abdominal pain.
A list of endoscopic procedures performed to determine causes of abdominal pain.
Laparoscopic surgery performed on a patient.
A male patient with abdominal pain at the doctor’s.
A doctor explains the abdominal pain with a 3d model.
A senior patient receives an ultrasound examination.
A man describes his abdominal pain symptoms with his doctor.
Anatomy of the biliary tract and abdominal organs.
Medical information to tell your doctor.
Pain information to tell your doctor.
A man thanks his doctor after his appointment.

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What's Causing Your Abdominal Pain?

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