Insomnia: 20 Tips for Better Sleep

Photo of a person sleeping with a remote control next to them in bed.
Photo of a man napping at work.
Photo of a woman turning of an alarm clock.
Photo of a person lying with a pillow between their knees.
Photo of a woman sleeping with her neck in a neutral position.
Photo of a bedbug in a mattress.
Photo of a couple in their bedroom.
Photo of a man waking up.
Photo of a cup of coffee.
Photo of a smiling man running.
Photo of cheese and crackers in the night sky.
Photo of a glass of brandy tilted to the side.
Photo of an empty glass.
Photo of a burning candle.
Photo of a blue fan.
Photo of an extinguished cigarette.
Photo of a couple sharing the bed with their dog.
Photo of a person's toes in the bathtub.
Photo of prescription pill bottles.
Photo of a woman with insomnia.

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Reviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Insomnia: Sleep Tips Slideshow

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