Hottest Fitness Trends for Men and Women

Photo of tabata class.
Photo of triathletes swimming.
Photo of ballet class.
Photo of muddy obstacle course.
Photo of woman on trampoline.
Photo of one armed push up.
Photo of spin class.
Photo of krankcycle.
Photo of zumba festival.
Photo of crossfit training.
Photo of side lunge.
Photo of kettlebell workout.
Photo of kangoo class.
Photo of fitness boot camp.
Photo of aerial yoga class.
Photo of paddle board yoga.
Photo of exergaming.
Photo of boxercise.
Photo of hula hoop.
Photo of weighted vest.
Photo of smartphone fitness app.
Photo of exercise trainer.

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Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD on Friday, December 14, 2012

Exercise & Fitness Pictures Slideshow: 20 Hottest Fitness Trends for Men and Women

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