10 Testicular Cancer Symptoms and Signs

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Testicular cancer is a potentially deadly disease. Although it accounts for only 1.2% of all cancers in males, cancer of the testis accounts for about 11%-13% of all cancer deaths of men between the ages of 15-35.

Testicular cancer has two peaks according to age. The first peak occurs before the age of 45 and accounts for about 90% of cases of testicular cancer. A second much smaller peak affects men over 50.

Testicular cancers are often (90%-95%) curable even if they are metastatic.

The first sign of testicular cancer is most commonly a little ("pea-sized") lump on the testis (testicular lump). There may be no real pain, at most just a dull ache in the lower abdomen or groin, perhaps a sensation of dragging and heaviness. To summarize the signs and symptoms of cancer of the testicle, they include

  1. a lump in or on a testicle (testicular lump) is the most common sign;
  2. any enlargement or swelling of a testicle;
  3. shrinking of a testicle;
  4. a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum (scrotal heaviness);
  5. a dull ache in the lower abdomen or in the groin;
  6. a collection of fluid in the scrotum;
  7. discomfort or pain in a testicle or in the scrotum;
  8. enlargement or tenderness of the breasts;
  9. back pain due to retroperitoneal disease spread;
  10. enlarged lymph nodes or masses due to disease spread.
Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 4/3/2015