10 Home Remedies for Sunburn Treatment (cont.)

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More tips to soothe and relieve a painful sunburn

Picture of blisters from second degree sunburn
Picture of blisters from second degree sunburn

  1. Witch hazel when applied to the skin can help reduce inflammation, and can help relieve sunburn.
  2. If your lips are sunburned, apply petroleum jelly or Aquaphor ointment to keep them moisturized.
  3. Essential oils such as lavender or Helichrysum can be applied in small amounts to the skin to soothe sunburn.
  4. If you feel hot from your sunburn, keep your house cool. Turn down the A/C and use fans to help blow cool air over the skin.
  5. If your skin is peeling following a bad sunburn, avoid picking at it or peeling it further.
  6. If you have blisters, this is a sign of a severe sunburn. It is best to cover them to prevent tearing and leave them alone until they heal.
  7. If you are taking any medications that make your skin more sensitive to the sun (such as tetracyclines, thiazides, sulfonamides, phenothiazines, oral contraceptives, diuretics, drugs for diabetes) contact your doctor to see if there are different medications you can take that will make you less likely to get sunburned. Do not stop taking any prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.
  8. Once the initial sunburn has calmed down, coconut oil can be used as a skin moisturizer. Do not use coconut oil as sunscreen! Coconut oil does not provide any sun protection factor (SPF) or provide any UV protection, so you are more likely to get sunburned if you use coconut oil in place of sunblock with SPF.
  9. Go inside or in the shade, and stay out of the sun until your sunburn fades. Exposure to more sunlight will only make things worse.
  10. The best remedy against sunburn is prevention. Always use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, wear protective clothing and sunglasses, and avoid direct sun exposure.
Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 6/9/2016

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