10 Cancer Symptoms That Men Ignore

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Common cancer symptoms that men ignore

Many men tend to ignore cancer screenings and preventive health visits. Those who do get screened often do so at a woman's urging. But preventive screening can help find cancers or other problems when they are in their earliest stages, when they are much more likely to be curable and not cause serious problems.

Certain symptoms should prompt a visit to the doctor, not because cancer is likely, but because it should be ruled out or diagnosed early if it is present. This article lists some troublesome symptoms that may be signs of cancer. Of course, these symptoms do not mean that cancer is definitely present, but their presence should trigger a consultation with your physician. Your doctor will discuss the symptoms with you and perform a physical examination to determine whether you need any additional testing.

  1. Changes in the testicles: Testicular cancer is most common in younger (20 to 39 years of age) men. Signs of testicular cancer include can swellings, lumps, or changes in consistency of the testicles, and certain testicular cancers can arise and grow quickly. The American Cancer Society recommends that men get a testicular exam by a doctor as part of a routine cancer screening checkup.
  2. Breast lumps: While breast cancer in men isn't common, it does occur. In fact, about 1 out of every 100 cases of breast cancer occurs in men. As in women, breast cancer in men can cause breast masses or lumps, changes in the skin overlying the breast like dimpling or puckering, and changes in the nipple such as retraction or scaling and redness.
  3. Enlarged lymph nodes: There are a number of causes for enlarged lymph nodes, and cancer is only one of many possible causes. Still, if the enlargement persists or is not associated with an illness, you should consult your doctor to determine the cause.

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